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I believe that the breeding of a litter is to ensure that the best characteristics of Golden Retrievers are passed down to future generations.

One of the cornerstones of my breeding program is my dark golden stud, Lobo. He is a an exceptionally bright, eager and gentle male; all of the characteristics that make Golden Retrievers so desirable. Lobo's litters have produced beautiful, healthy pups.

Bernie is another of our wonderful stud dogs! He possesses the traits that make Golden Retrievers so special - gentle, calm, alert, friendly and eager to please.

And...(drum roll, please)...we'd like to introduce you to Free!
Freedom is beautiful, a half-English lines male.  He is OFA GOOD hips and elbows, Normal eyes clear, heart clear, very athletic and can jump like the wind.  He is 23 at the withers and has complete dentation and beautiful non-fading pigment. Free is very eager to please, and very intelligent. He is training in agility, field, obedience and is shown in confirmation.

If you would like to add Lobo's, Bernie's or Free's lineage to your breeding program, call 641-990-7698 and ask for me, Steve. I will be more than happy to discuss fees, arrangements and provide pedigree and OFA certifications.